Wappalyzer: Find out what software is used to build a website? Download a super easy to use Chrome Extensions tool

Wappalyzer Chrome Extensions

Do you have the following questions? It's because the website that you see from time to time is well done. I really want to know what software is used to build that website?

Or if you have seen the fifth brother’s last article " Why use WordPress to set up a website?" 8 key points! "I started with Google websites from various countries, but the layout of different websites is not good. When I see a super-regular website, I will want to make a similar website by myself, but what kind of software do they use?

Introducing this Chrome Extensions this time will definitely help you!

Wappalyzer Chrome Extensions

Wappalyzer, as its name suggests, merges the two words Web & Analyzer. It is a network technology recognizer. Can show you what software a website is built with.

Wappalyzer can also find out what CMS (Content Management System) the website is using, as well as any framework (Framework), eCommerce Platform (eCommerce Platform), JavaScript library, etc.

Wappalyzer is not only a CMS detector or a framework detector: it can find more than a thousand technologies in dozens of categories, such as programming languages, analytics, marketing tools, payment processors, CRM, CDN, etc.

Install Wappalyzer for Chrome, you can understand the technology used on the website you visit at a glance.

To use this Chrome Extensions, just go to the following link Wappalyzer Download

Wappalyzer Chrome Extension

After installing this Wappalyzer Chrome Extension, the upper right corner of your Chrome Brower will add the following Icon.

Wappalyzer icon Chrome Extensions



For example, I use the following website as an example:

After opening the website, press the Wappalyzer Chrome Icon in the upper right corner of the Brower Toolbar, and you will see the upper left corner indicating that this website is built with WordPress.

Wappalyzer Chrome Extension Website Analyzer

I hope to introduce this super practical tool to help everyone today, everyone will download and play! Next time Brother Five will share more useful software with you, remember the website of Bookmark blog.HKAffiliate.com 😊

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