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I believe that every friend who constructs websites, online stores, blogs, and affiliate marketing will come into contact with the word SEO. Since my YouTube channel of "Five Minutes to Be a Master" started to share different online money-making teachings, friends from all walks of life have asked me from time to time what SEO is. For you to have a deeper understanding and to apply to your website, I will have a series of articles and teaching videos to share with you my experience over the years. So everyone remember Bookmark my article here ( ) and subscribe to my YouTube channel "Five Minutes to Be a Master" . I promise you will get something.

What is SEO? What is SEO?

The full name of SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which is a technology that uses search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) to help optimize website rankings. There are many digital marketing (Digital Marketing) on the market. Website optimization work. The ultimate goal is that as long as you type the relevant keyword, your web page will be ranked first in the major search engines. For example, if you hit "Five Brothers" on Google, the following rankings will appearYou can see that all the top pages are my website, YouTube channel and Facebook Fan Page

Why do SEO? Why SEO?

The most important reason is that you want to use more Organic Traffic, which means that more and more people will come to your website for money. Whether you are an online store, affiliate marketing or a parallel information website, you want more people to know you. You have worked so hard to build a web and there is only you as a reader, you must not want to tie it.

Suppose Ahua C9 likes cooking wild food. She wants to create a blog to share her cooking experience with everyone. She has worked so hard to organize a website by herself, but she went to Google, but she didn’t even see her own blog. generous? The reason may be:

  1. There are too many opponents who do Cooking Blogs, and articles written in C9 are more attractive without opponents.
  2. The opponent has more high-quality articles , and the number of articles and websites have existed on the Internet for longer
  3. Keyword usage is not ideal, this is very important, there will be more articles and videos to share later
  4. Link Building is not doing well, this is overlooked by many friends, but it’s important
  5. It takes a long time to download web pages, you may not have thought about it, but it all matters
  6. Good User Experience is a good and smooth viewing experience for viewers. If you enter a website, a Pop-Up ad will pop up every 3 seconds, you have to wait 10 seconds before you can watch the web content. Or many links in a webpage don’t work or 404 Error pops up, so it’s very difficult for Google to make this webpage on the front page.

How does the Google search engine rank websites?

The Google search engine has three steps to ranking a website:

  1. Crawling-is a search engine spider program that scans the website and copies the content of the entire website and stores it in the index of the search engine
  2. Indexing-Indexing is a method of adding web pages to Google search results. It is also known as Google's database
  3. Ranking – 當有人係Google打入一個關鍵字作搜索 ,索引中最相關的網站將根據多種因素(例如:用戶的地理位置,使用語言,用戶體驗等)出現在搜索結果中。
    • Page Load Time
    • Average browsing time (Average Session Duratoin)
    • Bounce Rate

What factors are involved in a successful optimization of an SEO webpage?

  1. Related and attractive content
  2. Appropriate topic, URL
  3. Appropriate Header Tags
  4. Add appropriate and relevant Meta Description
  5. The webpage is smooth, simple design, easy to read and fast, and Responsive (that is, webpages on different platforms, computers, mobile phones) can display webpages appropriately
  6. Link Building, including internal and external website links

SEO type

The first is On-Page SEO

That is to optimize the relevant elements in the website, such as Header Tag, Title Tag, Internal Links, Site Maps, Meta Description, Keyword Usage, Keyword Research, etc.

But before doing any SEO, you must first do Keyword Research, which means you want to focus on those keywords. When others hit these keywords, the search engine will show your webpage on the first page. This step is very important, because if you don’t Knowing which keywords are the main focus, you will not be able to write related articles or content, nor can you do a good job in On-Page SEO. Another important factor in researching keywords is that different keywords bring you different traffic (Traffic), that is Some popular keywords will bring you a lot of traffic, but at the same time there may be a lot of competition. You have to work hard to rank on the first page among many web pages. On the contrary, some keywords may easily reach the first page, but they may only bring you a single number of Traffic per day. So researching keywords can be said to be an art. Therefore, when doing Keyword Research, pay attention to the following 3 things:

  1. Search Volumes
  2. There are different popular search words in different periods and different countries
  3. How relevant is the keyword Relevancy to the page you want to rank for?

To find out keyword data, of course, you need the help of tools. The most commonly used one is Google Keyword Planner . I have another article to share with you how to use it in detail.

The second is Off-Page SEO

It means to link to your website or any webpage on another website, called External Link Building, which can enhance the recognition, credibility, credibility and authority of our website.


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