Easily immigrate to the UK with affiliate marketing

Since the introduction of BNO 5+1 in the United Kingdom, many Hong Kong people have discussed whether they should immigrate or not? But immigration is not a simple trip. There are many things to consider, such as housing, work, children's education, medical care, economics, etc. …. Continue Reading

Web hosting service

The most important system for choosing a website hosting service company is the speed of uploading and downloading, whether there are hidden charges, whether 7×24 global support, whether there is super simple 1-Click installation of WordPress, Magento, CMS, Joomla!, TYPO3, and other programs. This episode will share with you How would Brother Five choose Continue Reading

Wappalyzer Chrome Extensions

Wappalyzer Chrome, you may have seen a super beautiful website that suits your liking, but you don’t know what software it is made of? Then Jin Jisuke’s Chrome Extensions-Wappalyzer can help you: find out what software is used to build a website? Download a super easy to use Chrome Extensions tool Continue Reading


It's 2021. swerHave you ever thought about setting up a WordPress website by yourself? You may find it difficult, but if you live with the fifth brother, "WordPress 7-day condensed free course" to learn. Make sure that you build a WordPress website in a week that meets people and has the necessary functions. Many friends have succeeded, but you must first know why Brother Five recommends you to use WordPress? Continue Reading