10 ways Blogger can make money

How do Bloggers make money?

In fact, it can be explained by a common number formula👇

That is, the higher the website traffic + the larger the email list (Email List) = the higher the income💰

As long as you can work hard and continue to update your Blog, your traffic and income will continue to grow. No matter where you are, as long as you have a laptop and have access to the Internet, you can easily work and earn Easy Money. So it's really important to insist on being a Blogger! Whether you can be financially free, just see how much you have 😊.

Google AdSense

Adsense must be the first method, because you only need to set up a link to your Adsense account on the website, and then arrange the location of Google to place ads, and then you have nothing to do, because Google will automatically place the appropriate according to the content on your website advertising. Of course, there are some troubles in setting, and I have another article to teach you in detail.

But one thing everyone should pay attention to, if you want to put Adsense ads, you must have considerable content, and the website has been in existence for several months before you approve the ads. So everyone starts a WordPress website and should apply for Adsense as soon as possible. If you don’t know how to start a WordPress site, you can watch this 7-day free course .

Advertising Banners

If you have paid attention to my other article " Why use WordPress to build a website?" "You will notice that the world's most profitable Bloggers must include this method, Advertising Banners.

Advertising Banners rely on advertising publishers to take care of them. To put it simply, your eye-catching position on the website is reserved for these publishers to manage, but only after your website has reached at least 25,000 page views per month can you participate.

Affiliate Sales

It is believed to be the main source of income for most Chinese Bloggers. The way Affiliate Marketing works is that you, as a salesman, introduce products, services, software or websites to the audience. You add related website links into the article. As long as the audience clicks on your link (Affiliate Link) and pays to purchase the product or service, You can get commission income, just like a real estate broker.

The most important point is that when you write this article, it will be like a slave 7×24 to make money for you all the time. As long as someone purchases on your Affiliate Link, you can generate the so-called Passive Income.

I have another article about several popular platforms ClickBank, CJ, JVZoo, Amazon Associate, WarriorPlus, Taobao, etc.


Friends who have watched YouTube should know this platform. It is a paid platform. As long as you can gather a group of friends who are interested in the content you provide, and the content provided is not easy to find on Google online, or Some electronic creation products are very suitable for Patreon.

Selling electronic products

The advantage of selling sub-products is that you do not need to ship the product to the customer, you can say that you can sell the product at zero cost (of course, strictly speaking, there are certain costs, such as advertising fees, Payment Gateway fees, etc.). And one of the advantages of creating such products is that there is no inventory problem and the customer can receive the goods immediately after payment. Selling software is one example.

Company advertisement

When your website has a certain degree of popularity, different companies will naturally come to you to send money to you. You can earn monthly advertising revenue as long as you put their company's advertising pictures in the right place.

Paid content promotion

Similar to the previous one, this type of company will require you to write an article to introduce or promote their products. Different companies have different requirements, and some may require you to cooperate with different social platforms (such as IG, Facebook) to make recommendations.

Own course

I believe this is not difficult to understand. For example, your blog is about home gardening. When you have a certain number of fans, you can promote your home planting courses. Maybe you don’t know that the five brothers actually have two Best Seller courses on Udemy. They are " Create a Shopify Dropshipping online store in one week " and " Learn email marketing, all necessary tools and secret skills from scratch" 😎

1 to 1 private professor

When you are professional in a field, it is his guiding light for many friends, because you lead Quxing, you will definitely take a lot of wrong ways.

Publish a book

Although publishing a book in Hong Kong will not make money, it can quickly increase your popularity and increase your website traffic.


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