2021 Best Web Hosting Service-Free SSL Certificate Absolute Essential

Web hosting service

The two most important things

To start building a WordPress website, there are two things first. The first is Domain Name. How to find a suitable domain name will be explained in another article. The second thing is to find a suitable website hosting service provider.

Which one is the most ideal?

Friends who are novices often get confused about the service introductions of these web hosting companies, and even have a little understanding of the computer terms. Or they believe in the recommendations of certain Bloggers, KOLs, etc., so they believe in them and pay for the services of these companies, but often nightmares begin. Because those KOLs or Bloggers who only earn commission income, they will definitely say that they provide very good services at a very low price, and the monthly fee only costs 2.xx and so on. You, a novice, might fall into the trap by mistake. Because there are a lot of hidden charges behind these companies, it is possible that if you continue to use their services a year later, you will receive an Invoice that is several to ten times the cost of your original invoice. At that time, you were really on the cutting board, thinking The transition is so annoying, I don't know what to do, I can only reluctantly pay a high monthly fee. Don't think it can be avoided? Please watch the next paragraph.

A few ways to avoid falling into the trap by mistake

  1. The monthly fee of the company you are looking for should include the free installation of WordPress , because some companies use super cheap prices to attract you to click into their website, but in fact it is just simple web hosting. If you want to install WordPress, you will have to pay extra.
  2. The monthly fee must include sending you a free SSL certificate . You may not know that http and https are just one letter behind. What's the big deal? In fact, there is a total difference between heaven and earth. Because your WordPress website only needs to install WooCommerce and it can easily become an online store to sell your own products or e-books. Imagine if you are a customer and find that your website does not have SSL when you want to buy something, he/she will definitely feel that it is not safe to give you the Visa card information.
  3. Don't be greedy, usually they will use Starting at 4.99/mo* to attract you, but be aware that it uses Starting, that is, the plan you finally choose may not be the cheap money. The second is that there are stars as a footnote, which may be behind it. There is a clause that you need to join the contract for 24 to 36 months to get this low price, or only the price for the first month, and then return to the normal price. So everyone must read all the terms clearly, so as not to fall into the trap by mistake .
  4. You can use multiple domains . Novices may not pay attention to this. But when you use it for a period of time, all the players will be used to make the first WordPress website, and you will find out when you want to start the second blog in the same way. It turns out that you can only use one domain name for the hosting service you ordered, and you need to charge for the other one.
  5. Give you a domain for free, right? Volt? In fact, when you see this kind of sales method, you must be clear whether you choose the domain name for you or only specify a few? And how much does the regular price of the domain name charge? Because the normal domain name is charged annually, but the annual fee varies from time to time, so be sure to ask.
  6. Can email be set up? For example, if you apply for the left 5gorstudio.com, can you set emails like info@5gorstudio.com, support5gorstudio.com, sales5gorstudio.com, etc.? Some companies charge additional fees.

Ping Liangzheng Recommendation

If it is cost-effective, I will introduce you to InterServer , because it only costs US$2.5 a month, and you can pay a monthly fee for up to 30 months, so novices are super positive. The following is a comparison of websites recommended by other KOLs or Bloggers. Note that these prices are only surface charges. How much will it cost per month? Or can it meet the 6 requirements in the previous paragraph?

Everyone should know how to choose. If you want to start a blog to earn passive income, just take the first step and go to order website hosting.

Then watch the next article and follow me to start a WordPress site!

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