To place an advertisement, you must first understand the entire shopping process

1. Click (Click)-that is, a potential customer sees your advertisement and is interested in the content you are talking about and resonates, so Click to enter your website. So there are CPC (Cost Per Click) data to measure the effectiveness of your advertising. Of course, the lower the CPC, the better, which means that you use the least money to bring the most traffic to your website. But taking the left potential customer into your online store does not mean there is business, so you have to watch the second step.

2. View content-This "view content" is an optional event in Facebook ads, which allows you to determine whether a user visits a web page URL, but you cannot understand the user's actions or actions on the web page Browse content. That is, if the customer enters your online store, they will check the left page or the part of the page (photo? text? Header set Footer?). I don’t know. At this moment, the order has not been issued, so pay attention to the next step.

3. Add to cart (Add to cart)-the ATC mentioned in Jiadai, the Client will click the "Add to Cart" button on the website to add the product to the shopping cart. I have the opportunity to receive the order at the beginning, but I’m so happy to live. I didn’t make the payment for a day and the order was not received. The guest can leave at this moment for various reasons. When I went to Checkout, maybe I wanted to see another product and found it suspicious, so I left.

4. Initiate checkout-start the checkout process. For example: Click the "Checkout" button. However, there is a chance that an accident may not be issued. One of the cards has a problem or it is not enough to pay with a Debit card. Another serious reason is that your online store’s Payment Gateway has not been set up, usually Shopify and PayPal, and you don’t have to try it from start to finish.

5. Purchase (Purchase)-the purchase operation is completed, which usually means the receipt of an order, a purchase confirmation letter, or a transaction receipt. For example: enter the "thank you" or confirmation page. At this point, you have finally successfully opened the order. Congratulations!


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