My fifth brother suddenly opened his YouTube channel on a whim in October 2018 called " Five Minutes to Be a Master ". He uses this platform to share what he has learned with you, hoping to help you solve problems with your own little power. More than two years have passed unconsciously. During this time, I not only learned a lot of methods of making films, but also made many friends from different sectors. In 2021, thanks to Fang's support, the number of subscribers has reached more than 43,000.

In fact, the fifth brother is an IT person. Since the Apple IIe, he has been interested in computers, so he can be said to be the most old school in Hong Kong.

But Brother Five likes to read books and learn new things all his life, and he covers a wide range of fields, including religion, spirituality, crystal, Qigong, Shushu, EFT, BioGeometry, Reiki, Energy Healing, and computers including Affiliate Marketing, Shopify, Make Money Online and so on. It is because of Zhang Zhang's knife, there are advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we can continue to produce films and share all kinds of themes with everyone.

In October 2019, the fifth brother started a new work, launching the Patreon paid platform, which mainly explains the unknown success methods and experience sharing of Shopify Dropshipping.

In August 2020, Udemy launched the world's first Cantonese course " Create a Shopify Dropshipping online store in one week ". Fortunately, this course became a BestSeller in a short time. More than 610 people have participated in the course so far.

In March 2021, Udemy Fifth Brother launched a second Cantonese course called " Learning Email Marketing from scratch, sharing all necessary tools and secrets ." This course has also been encouraged by everyone's 5-star positive reviews.

If you are interested in learning about the website, you can click here to participate in the "WordPress 7-day condensed course"

In the past two years, Hong Kong has experienced many unhappy things in the world. Many people around us are facing unemployment, family, and economic problems at different levels. But I hope that everyone can face the problems bravely and rise to the challenge. I also hope that I will do my best. Ability to share positive energy, as well as information on different earning and financial freedom to everyone.

Everyone work hard💪, come on🥊