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Today I introduce Scicube, a web hosting service company in Hong Kong. As a Hong Kong citizen, I certainly support the Hong Kong company. I have used this company for more than ten years. The customer service is well done. If you have any technical problems, you can use the phone or email. Help me deal with it.

The most commendable is that for many years, there are really few Down machines or serious problems, and the price is very high. Have you ever thought that it can be hundreds of dollars a year, but only in Hong Kong dollars instead of hundreds of dollars. An own website?

For example, I think of a five brother teaching website called "5GorEducation", you only need to type the name "5GorEducation" on the homepage, and see if anyone else in the world has already used this name?

If this domain name is available, the following message will appear

Then press OK and you will enter the following page to select the Hosting plan. Note that the annual fee for the domain name below the picture is only HK$58, which is really super flat!

Please pay attention to choosing a web hosting plan, not just greedy (in fact, Scicube is already flat), but the capacity is not too small, if you choose only 1GB or even only 100MB, I'm sure your website can quickly use this capacity, to When upgrading to other high-capacity plans, it takes time and crashes. Another point everyone should pay attention to is that if you want to use WordPress as a website, you must choose a MySQL database, because every WordPress website needs a MySQL database. So I suggest you choose the "Small and Medium Enterprise High-Volume Plan"

The annual fee is $58 + $550 = HK$608 to have a website of your own.

The left WordPress site can be used as a company webpage, as an online store (only need to join WooCommerce, there will be a separate article), you can do product review articles/blogs, and you can do Affiliate Marketing (just create a Squeezd Page/Landing Page) Become an affiliate marketing department to make money online, and you can also make a teaching website to share your experience of flower arrangement/camera/homemade leather goods).

From the left website, you may want to earn less money. In fact, Scicube has an affiliate promotion plan, as long as you enter your backend https://cs.scicube.com/

Choose "Recommended Client Plan", his recommendation is divided into the following 👇

In order to attract more users to become our customers, Scicube brings customers the most attractive customer recommendation program in the city. Every time you recommend a netizen to apply for our service, the customer will get 10% of the total amount of the service applied for as a reward, and the reward will be deposited into the reward points of your account. In addition, customers who are referred can also receive an additional one-month service fee. Please note that the commission is only used for application services and cannot be exchanged for cash. The following is a description of the recommended plan:

Client A uses a $100 annual fee DIY web plan, and he introduced a client who uses a $138 monthly fee super website plan. Based on a one-year prepayment calculation, the total amount is $1656, that is, customer A can earn $165.6 reward points. Customer A can use the $100 of the reward points to apply for a DIY web plan for one more year, and the remaining $65.6 will remain in the account and can be used for the next payment. Of course, customer A can also choose to switch to other service plans. For example, if you switch to a high-volume SME plan with an annual fee of $456, the amount he needs to pay is: $456 – $165.6 = $290.4

This referral program is not a one-off. In other words, if you use the service plan with an annual fee of $100, as long as you introduce a friend to use our service plan with an annual fee of $1656 or ten friends use our service plan with an annual fee of $100, and they have been using our service, you No service charge will be required in the future.

Note: There is no expiry date for reward points until the account is deactivated.

So everyone is not prevented from using social platforms to share your referral link, maybe your annual fee for the next year is free 😆


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