How to make money online

The first method must be Blogging, which is the simplest and most direct. First of all, you need to have a blog writing platform, which can be:

  1. Previously used Sina, Yahoo
  2. Google Blogger
  3. WordPress
  4. Start your own website

Write the question?

  1. tourism
  2. make up
  3. political
  4. Finance
  5. Insurance
  6. lose weight
  7. Cook
  8. Golf
  9. Any Niche
  10. Various hobbies

Ways to squeeze money

  1. Advertise
    • Google Adsense
    • Sell Banner Ads (
    • Outbrain
    • Taboola
  2. Affiliate Products
    • Amazon Associates
    • Clickbank
  3. Advertising revenue such as product endorsements

Can click first succeed? Where does network traffic come from?

  1. Google Organic Traffic
  2. FB / IG etc
  3. Google Words
  4. FB Ads

Do & Don’t

  1. You must be interested in writing blog topics/Passion
  2. To post regularly, it’s best to post it every day
  3. Don’t chase shining objects
  4. Perseverance (21 days theory)
  5. Don’t worry, be happy!

What Next?

  1. SEO
  2. Keywords Research
  3. Optimize your site – Responsive? Speed?
  4. Building backlinks
  5. Leave comments on other related website, forum, blog, etc.
  6. Capture Email
  7. Newsletter

How much can Blogger charge for?

  1. Content
  2. Traffic
  3. Products
  4. Hundreds to tens of thousands

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