How to set up a WordPress website: 3 steps + 10 minutes to deal with-hands-on WordPress website building process teaching

Web Hosting

First of all, you should watch my last article "The Best Web Hosting Service Provider 2021 ". After viewing this article, please purchase a Web Hosting, which can be InterServer or Builderall . This article will wait for me to use Builderall. For demonstration, use Builderall because it is really super simple.

Login to Builderall

After logging in, you will see the following screen, please click Apps in the middle of the menu above

Then select WordPress Integration on the left

Then press Create Website

Then the following screen will pop up, you can click to buy a new domain name in Builderall, or you can buy it elsewhere

Everyone should pay attention to network security issues. Please do not use admin for Username, and be careful to write down your Username and Password, because they will be used frequently in the future!

After filling all the information, click Create Website , and your website will be created in less than a minute

Press Open Site and you can see that your WordPress site is already settled

Settings WordPress

Of course, the current website is too rudimentary, I don’t see anyone, I will teach you step by step. First make a few necessary settings. Go back to the previous page and press Open Admin, enter the Username & Password that you recorded previously

You will see this screen after successful login

Make a necessary setting first, press Setting> Reading

Choose Summary Press Setting> Permalink, select Post name

The other most important setting is Theme. Theme can affect the audience's perception of your website, and it will also make it easy for you to create articles, typesetting, and add other functions in the future. So it is important to choose a suitable theme. Therefore, you will see that many famous Bloggers use the paid version of WordPress Theme. Some of my blogs use Elegant Theme.

Divi WordPress Theme But this time I will teach you how to use free WordPress Theme, please click Appearance> Theme on the left

Then press Add New

There will be a large number of Free Themes for you to choose from, some of which can be upgraded on the paid version to provide more functions, but usually the novice free version is sufficient.

Select the appropriate one and press Install

Then wait a few seconds Press Activate again

Look back at your current website to become more beautiful, of course, because there is no content, it still owes a little bit.

Change the layout and settings of this new WordPress Theme in Appearance> Themes> Customize

You can change the relevant parts

to sum up

If you follow the above steps, you should find that it is not difficult to install WordPress. In my next article, I will teach you a few useful and practical Plug-in, and your website will be upgraded immediately!


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