How to add a Facebook Fanpage page to a WordPress site|Simple Social Page Widget in 1 minute

Add Facebook Fanpage to Wordpress website


Today I will introduce how to add a Facebook Fanpage page to a Wordpress website. There are many WordPress Plugin functions, and sometimes it is really confusing, but there are 5 essential WordPress Plug-in. I have explained in detail in the "WordPress 7-Day Concentrated Course". , If you did not participate, you can click here to participate . For a website to succeed, one key point is to let many people know the existence of your website, the amount and quality of Backlink. This topic is more complicated, and I will explain it in detail in another article. For more people to know your website, social networking must be indispensable, and Facebook can be said to be the first of many Socail Media, so it can be said that each website has a Facebook Fanpage. When you have a Fanpage, it is easier to let the public know about your existence, and you can also have an additional platform to communicate with your audience. So if you haven't opened a Fanpage yet, I recommend opening one immediately, and it's completely free. Why not? If you want to know how to open a Facebook Fanpage correctly, there are several points that you must understand, otherwise it may cause you a lot of headaches. For details, please see another article.

Why join Fanpage?

Well, if your company, individual or anything else has set up a Fanpage, and the interactivity is high, you must want to add this Fanpage to your newly established WordPress site, so that more friends will become your fans . The most ideal position is of course to use Widget to put in the Sidebar, so that every article can be seen. But WordPress Widget itself does not have this function. In this case, it is tied to the Plugin to find it. Today, I will introduce an intimate widget to everyone.

Facebook WordPress widget

"Facebook WordPress plugin" or "Facebook WordPress widget" is called something like that. What we will explain today is the latter: this is a great way to make WordPress widgets appear on your Facebook page. For this, we will use a free WordPress plugin called "Simple Social Page Widget". This is a great WordPress widget that can meet the current needs of Facebook widgets.

installation steps

First select Plugins> Add New on WordPress Dashboard

Then type in "Simple Social Page Widget & Shortcode" by Dylan Ryan

按Install Now > Activate

Then you can Skip Left Channel when you see the picture below

Then select Appearance> Widgets in WordPress Dashboard

Find the Simple Facebook Page Widget and drag it to the Sidebar you want to put in

Then enter your Fanpage URL, other settings can be changed according to your preferences, and then remember to press Save

Just mess it up!


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