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20 blog topics with the most profitable potential


After watching the previous article " Why use WordPress to build a website?" I believe you are also interested in starting a WordPress website and becoming a profitable blog. But you may immediately have a question: Which blog theme is the most profitable one? With so many niche (Niche Blog) on the Internet, it is really easy to decide which one to do.

Today, I will wait for the five brothers to find 4 ways to quickly find the blog topics with the most profitable potential.

Method 1: Starting from the heart

Starting from the heart means that you want to do this wholeheartedly, and you are full of enthusiasm for this subject (Passion). If you have participated in my " 7-day free condensed WordPress course ", you should know why so many want to be a Blogger and ultimately fail to make money. So the most important thing to find a blog topic is that you are interested in this topic, because you have the opportunity to persist in creating articles on this topic for a whole year, and finally see the results.

Just think about developing what you love into a blog. You don’t have to be a good professional. You may have to find information in different places and go to Google to create an article, but the process must be full of fun. Otherwise, it must be a painstaking task for you to constantly find some topics that you are not interested in. So what is the difference with rework?

I am not tired of being a Blogger for so many years, and that's why.

Method 2: Learn from successful examples

There have been many successful examples on the Internet. For example, the previous article [Being a Blogger and Going to Financial Freedom ] introduced a number of blogs with monthly income of 5 or 6 digits. Or you have been following a few Bloggers, they can also be your imitate. At the beginning of anything, there will be hundreds of reasons for you to retreat, but as long as you start to take the first step, the road will unfold in front of you by yourself, so don't be afraid to take your first step bravely!

Method 3: Conversely start from the end

After reading it, you may not understand what I said 😂, in fact, it’s so simple. Our ultimate goal as a Blogger is not only to share, but also to make a considerable income. In addition, you are financially free. You don’t have to go back 8 nights and 8 non-stop every day. OT's boring and stressful work.

So, on the other hand, which blog theme is the most profitable one? After you know it, and you are interested in such niche topics , you can start your data collection work. But can there be such data?

In fact, as long as you go to a website, you can find the answer. Because this website is all affiliate marketing (Affiliate Marketing) products, and all of them are divided into categories:

Clickbank-Affiliate-Marketing-Affiliate Marketing

You only need to find out which type of product, software or service sells the most and the best, and the commission is high (because part of your income will depend on this website in the future), this category of topics is an ideal money-making blog topic .

Don't worry if you don't understand now, I have another article to explain it in detail.

Method 4: Lazy Method

What if you can’t find a suitable blog topic for the third method above, or are you worried that people will not make money? Then I can reassure you that as long as you write your articles carefully, and you have friends or traffic to your website, you can definitely make money, and there are many ways to use blogs to make money, so don’t let this Fear prevents you from finding blog topics. Five brothers will teach you many ways to increase income for blogs, even the most popular type of blogs. Don't worry, everyone.

The following is an introduction to 20 blog topics.

  1. Health and Fitness Health and Fitness
  2. Personal Finance
  3. Fashion
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Business and Marketing
  6. Technology and Gaming
  7. Travel
  8. Art DIY art hand-made
  9. Sewing
  10. Parenting
  11. Pet
  12. Frugal Living
  13. Home Decor Home Decor
  14. Outdoor
  15. Newborn BB
  16. Electronic Product
  17. Technology
  18. Video Game
  19. Vegetarian food
  20. Music

This is called the lazy method, because I am afraid that everyone has not yet selected one at this moment. Please choose a blog theme. Then please choose one from the above. Everything is difficult at first, but you will find that the more you do it, the easier it is.

Please remember that every effort you put in will give you a reward. Every effort you put in will show you the results in a timely manner. Just as the fifth brother two years ago also thought, today using the [five brother] Keyword Google will show itself The results.

Five brothers Affiliate Marketing

I have to, you can do it!


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